Here in this hole

In the deep of the night,

Thankful this moment

For the lull in the fight.

My mind wanders off

Several thousand miles away,

Back to my youth

On a sun shiny day.

No shirt or shoes

Through the grass I did run,

No thought in my head

Of a bomb or a gun.

The water was cold

As I jumped in feet first,

I took a deep drink

To quench my summer thirst.

The taste was so sweet

On the end of my tongue,

I wished then and there

I would be forever young.

Back in the hole

To my senses I come,

I’ll wait for the next break

When my mind takes me home.

This poem is dedicated to all American soldiers who have served time in ” The Hole”.




Every day

I wish I had more,

It seems to begin

As I walk out the door.

Promises made

And promises kept,

But I fall behind

With every step.

At this point

I do what I do,

I take a day off

How about you?